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Legal Advice

Both the indicators and automatic trading systems are complex products that are not simple and difficult to understand and whose complexity means that their acquisition, in general, is not considered adequate by non-professional investors. Derivative markets are considered as high risk markets, due to their leverage and volatility, so that the products that operate in these markets are not advisable for any investor, who should carefully consider whether such investments are appropriate and fit their personal circumstances and their financial resources. The risk of loss inherent to the operation in futures or options markets can be considerable, therefore investors must understand the risk derived from the leverage inherent in such investments and must assume responsibility for the risk associated with such investments and their results. In no case should this information be treated as an investment recommendation, nor as a financial advice, therefore it will be the user who must make their own decisions, based on their knowledge and experience. The results and statistics of trading systems shown should be considered as theoretical, that is, a simulation of the results that would have occurred in the past, when applying such systems in the market, including data related to results of operations in the real market, when these are available. This document does not mention the tax treatment of investments in derivative markets. Consequently, this document should never be understood as tax advice. The returns, data, references and figures contained in this document may be expressed in a currency other than the currency originating in the country in which the recipient of this document resides, so any variation in the currency exchange rate that the reflected data is expressed can significantly affect the results collected in this document. It is recommended to read the warnings on the use of Automatic Systems, issued by the CFTC – CommodityFutures Trading Commission – regulatory body for futures markets in the United States of America, dependent on the US government:http://www.cftc.gov/ConsumerProtection/FraudAwarenessPrevention/CFTCFraudAdvisories/fraudadv_tradingsystemhttp, as well as the Directive 2014/65 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of May 15, 2014, on the markets of financial instruments that classifies futures, options as complex products and the rest of derivative products and, the European Directive 2015/849 of the European Parliament and of the Council of May 20, 2015, regarding the prevention of the use of the financial system for money laundering or terrorist financing.

The issuer of this document and / or developer of the aforementioned indicators / trading systems is not responsible for any losses or gains that may arise from the use of the information or software that any user or recipient of this information can make about their own operative or account. The sole and exclusive task of the issuer of this document is to inform of the correct use of its products, without this constituting in any way an offer or request to buy or sell any share, investment fund, pension plan, future, option or any other derivative instrument, which we do not sell under any circumstances. In no case does the issuer of this document provide investment services, nor does it offer investment advice on any type of financial product.


Risk Clause:

Past results do not guarantee future returns. The risk inherent in trading futures and options can be substantial and the potential investor must consider the risks inherent in them and must assume responsibility for such risk. Likewise, the potential investor must consider whether this type of investment is appropriate according to their financial circumstances.