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After more than two decades of experience in the financial markets, A.T.S. – Automatic Trading Systems has brought together a large and varied multidisciplinary team, made up of renowned professionals in different fields, but at the same time all of them have application and relationship with the trading world. In this way, we have representatives in subjects such as mathematics, computer engineering, finance and economics, quantum physics and, of course, algorithmic trading. As a result of this joint work and with the inestimable worth of treasuring years and years carrying out tasks of analysis, study and research in each of the aforementioned areas, is how the project of combining knowledge, approaches and contributions is built, to make the automated trading a controlled, systematic and above all: a profitable activity.

What moves us is the desire to carry out a strong and resilient trading in financial markets that is governed at all times by purely algorithmic criteria, based on mathematical concepts and duly supported by a reliable statistical database.
In this way, all operations and trading decisions are carried out by a computer team (software + hardware), so that this process enjoys the highest level of automation from start to finish. With all this, the seal of distinction and operation that our proposal pursues is characterized by the following:

  • Complete removal of the human factor(no emotions, no human interpretations or conjectures when operating).

• Strict control of risk levels and capital protection (automatically established and monitored). Every position has its maximum allowed loss delimited from the moment it is opened, by means of a stop-loss order that is automatically launched.
 Analysis, revision and permanent surveillance status, so that the results that are harvested in real time by the systems, adjust to the expected statistical estimates (with the logical margin of deviation).
 Maintain a fully automated operation in all phases (from the opening of the position until its closure, through the placement of stop-loss, profit collection and any type of action in the development of an open operation).
• Purely algorithmic and statistical criteria, from the opening guideline, stop-loss setting, profit target setting and any other aspect that needs to be addressed during the development of a position. Everything is based on statistical analysis, combined with the corresponding mathematical and quantitative criteria.

All this is possible through a human and technical team, which guarantees the correct and stable operation of the computer programs in charge of carrying out the tasks of data analysis, interpretation and execution of the operation.

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