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Trading Results

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Our Trading Systems

The components of our team have the common feature of having known and acted in the financial markets in a manual way and also under an automatic approach. Therefore, the results shown are totally real, as you can see.


The combination “SAT-01” is not a single trading system, but in turn is formed by a set of them, whose group performance pursues the following objectives:

• Diversify operations in various financial products (indexes, currencies and raw materials).

• Apply various operating criteria, depending on the product and the specific conditions of each market.

• Maintain a flexible time frame for operations, so that its duration can range from several minutes to several days, although not much further).


All this is carried out by acting on products that have sufficient liquidity and the support of a regulated market. This is achieved by operating with the “micro-futures” issued by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and by the New York Mercantile Exchante (NYMEX), which offer maximum guarantees in this regard.

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